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The Belfry

Historically Casual

In the early 1900’s a one room schoolhouse was built in Montgomery Center up on the “Mountain Road” to teach the local farming community’s children. Over a century later it has become one an iconic staple in northern Vermont. The Belfry Bunch welcomes all, with a friendly atmosphere, an exceptional staff, delicious food, cold beer and a warm smile or two.

Besides being a great place to eat, meet and have some fun, The Belfry has been a part Montgomery folklore, with tales of ghosts, movie stars, famous athletes and more. You’ll always hear entertaining stories from the staff and our loyal local patrons. Come in and experience for yourself, we’re just 15 minutes from the best skiing in Vermont.

Belfry Wearables

T-Shirts - 18$

Sweatshirts - $40

Carhartt Beanie - $20

All Other Hats - $15

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